Easter Event

Apr 8th, 2023

Today in front of more than 200 egg hunters The Easter Bunny, Gingerbread Man, Board Members, Staff and Volunteers from Friends of Forgotten Children gathered in the chilly morning winds at Merrimack Valley High School's football fields to hide more than 3,000 brightly colored plastic eggs full of Easter treats. For the eager egg hunters. The volunteers under the watchful eye of the Gingerbread Man set about the task of putting out more than 250 custom made Easter Baskets and nearly 20 bicycles prizes for the Golden Eggs. The Easter Bunny greeted children and parents at the gate closely guarding the basket of Golden Eggs.

As egg hunters and parents gathered on the Bleechers to plot their plans for hunting and gathering. As the Easter Bunny took their place at the gate to ensure each hunter received at Golden Egg the two-, three- and four-year-olds were given a head start. With the Easter Bunny, Gingerbread Man and volunteers to assist with hunting and gathering. The event was done in a flash 38 minutes and not a single egg left on the field. The Easter Bunny and Gingerbread Man held a short race for all to watch and you could have bet your Golden Egg the Gingerbread Man won. The hunters hopped off to choose a basket or bike with their golden egg.

So perhaps you dropped off eggs, a bag or two of candy or a check the Easter Bunny Thanks You.

Happy Easter.

Easter event Easter event

Easter event Easter event

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